Yes, we also do non-marine and, yes, we like to call it that way... In fact, it is rather easy to say what "non-marine" stands for - it is all kind of insurance, which could not be classified as "marine" or "aviation". Being a full service company, we will not hesitate to give our clients a helping hand on all their insurance covers, whether you are talking about a tiny compulsory motor TPL policy or comprehensive property and business interruption insurance solution. With our natural habit to divide anything into classes, we would rather divide non-marine into four sections as follows:

  • Transport (including motor hull, compulsory motor third party liability and alike car related covers)
  • Property & Equipment (including property all risks cover, machinery breakdown, business interruption and alike)
  • People (travel, health and personal accident packages)
  • Liabilities (third party civil liability, professional indemnity, director and officers' liability and product liabilities)

Please let us know, we will be happy to explain how in works in a normal marine way... 


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