Marine Shipsale Services: St. Petersburg – Rostov-on-Don

September 2, 2021

Two years ago, in September 2019, Marine Services Group established a new company in St. Petersburg: MARINE SHIPSALE SERVICES LLC. Marine Services Group has decided to continue this nice tradition, and in September 2021, a new representative office of MARINE SHIPSALE SERVICES LLC opens up in Rostov-on-Don.

Mr. Alexey Parfenov will be the Head of the Representative Office of MARINE SHIPSALE SERVICES LLC. Alexey has been managing multi-level projects for over 16 years in the shipping industry. And he has remarkable experience and has reputation of a qualified and creative professional.

The representative office in Rostov-on-Don is not just another development point of Marine Services Group but is the next big step towards our clients and partners in the south of Russia. Under the careful guidance of Alexey Parfenov, the Representative Office will be engaged in brokerage services, supporting the sale and purchase operations for the most demanding clients.
The main secret of our success is the attention to the needs and demands of our partners. Our colleagues will not only prepare a contract for the purchase deal but will also easily find an appropriate buyer for your vessel. It should be noted that in addition to mediation in the purchase and sale of ships, the Marine Services Group also offers insurance, legal, and survey services.

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