Seminar In Moscow On Marine Insurance Act 2015 For The Russian Insurers

March 22, 2016

The seminar for the Russian Insurers on Marine Insurance Act 2015 changes will take place in Moscow and will touch upon the role of a broker in arranging placement of risks and claims handling.
We are pleased to announce that on 24 March 2016 we are holding a specialized seminar in Moscow for the Russian market insurers jointly with the UK law firm Kennedys Law LLP. The seminar will be dedicated to the issues of changes in the English maritime law (Marine Insurance Act 2015) which will become legally binding on 12 August 2016 and the role of a broker in marine insurance placements.

This event will cover such topics as:
1)    The role of a broker in marine insurance contract placement.
2)    The special features of co-insurance and the main changes in the English maritime law in respect of the
obligations of good faith (duty of good faith).
3)    The broker’s role in claim handling and loss settlement.
4)    The main changes in the English insurance legislation in respect of warranty/ties.
5)    The questions of keeping successful workflow with the Insurers on subrogation claims under English law.

We are also going to look through and discuss other professional issues which are very important for the marine insurance business society today.

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