According to the law Aircrew Members Accident Insurance in some cases is compulsory. This insurance policy provides the payment of monetary compensation to injured crew member in case of an injury, to cover the costs of medical treatment, to compensate losses if he/she temporarily lose their ability to work, and so on. This is definitely important if you care about how a person’s financial situation would change, if he/she would not be able to work and earn income for some time or at all.

The following persons qualify as aircraft crew members: pilots, cabin crew members, stewardesses, student pilots, instructor pilots, air mechanics, technicians.

Insurance coverage include: 

  • Injuries;
  • Medical treatment and medicaments;
  • Hospitalization costs;
  • Payment of daily allowance for each day of temporary unemployment (incapacity for work);
  • Transportation expenses;
  • Compensation in the event of disability or death.


The territory of insurance coverage may be Latvia, the EU and elsewhere in the world.

In addition to accident insurance, we also recommend the following types of optional insurance for crew members:

  • Health Insurance;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Loss of License Insurance.

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