While conducting busines, we come in contact with large variety of people: clients, business partners or simply by passers. No matter how careful we are, everyone can accidently damage another’s property or harm another’s health. Companies can become liable at any time to pay compensation for damage arising through the action, negligence or omission of a third party. Liability insurance will take care of third parties claims, by reimbursing them in your behalf.

Main covers for liability insurance are:

  • Damage due the loss of third parties property;
  • Damage due the loss of third parties life or health;
  • Legal expenses, including rescue and examination expenses;
  • Resulting financial losses, including lost profits;
  • Losses caused by subcontractors;
  • Liability for environmental pollution;
  • Compensation for moral damage;
  • Losses on leased real estate.

Our insurance brokers will provide you with a full-fledged market overview and help you to choose the most appropriate insurance solution, as well as, if necessary, represent your interests in communication with the insurance company in case of claim.

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