To whom is life insurance relevant?

For any person who cares about the well-being and financial situation of their relatives.


What is the importance of this insurance?

Life insurance will be a valuable investment that will protect you and your loved ones from financial problems in a critical situation and will give you/them the opportunity and time to adapt to the new situation.

This is definitely important, if you consider how your financial situation would change, if you are unable to work and earn income for some time or at all.


Insurance coverage can include:

  • Life insurance (in case of death);
  • Supplementary insurance covers:
    • Disability;
    • Critical illnesses;
    • Accidental Injuries;
    • Other risks.


Our insurance brokers will advise you and help you to choose the most suitable insurance solution while taking into account several factors: your age, monthly income, desired monthly payment, credit obligations and other factors.

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