In the modern world logistics is not just a simple delivery of goods from point A to point B, but rather complex and sophisticated set of services involving transport, storage and handling of cargo all over the world in different legal environments. We at Marine Services Group tend to create insurance solutions for logistics industry in a way that our clients are protected irrespective of service they provide and modes of transport they use. Our policies are designed on back-to-back liability basis when liability of our clients is transferred onto their insurers based on national laws, international conventions or standard trading conditions as the case may be.

Logistics protection insurance always starts with professional liability for providing insured services, which relates to contractual liability for damage or loss to entrusted merchandise as well as financial losses, known as liability for errors and omissions. Depending on type of services provided by our clients and other risk related information there are number of special covers available on the market, e.g.

  • liability for fines, taxes and duty;
  • pollution liability and other damage to environment covers;
  • third party liability (especially for clients operating their own or leased warehouses or terminals);
  • liability for delay in delivery;
  • ad valorem cover;
  • liability for containers and/or trailers;
  • general average and salvage covers (essential for transport owners using ferry services);

All our policies are checked for small print exclusions and other “underwater wrecks”, so clients are well informed and understand what type of cover they are buying. Our covers are not restricted when it comes to gross negligence of employees as these are always designed to protect the company from sudden and unforeseen events.

In addition, we have created online cargo declaration service operating 24/7, which became very popular within freight forwarding community, allowing forwarders to insure cargo on behalf of their clients.

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