3Rd Annual Riga Shipping Dinner Hosted Almost 200 Participants

May 11, 2018

On the 26th of April 2018, the annual Riga Shipping Dinner was held for the third time. The event was aimed at establishing and maintaining professional contacts between shipowners and top-level executives of companies operating in the shipping sector of the Baltic, the Northern and the Black Sea regions.

We are pleased to see that the Riga Shipping Dinner has taken a permanent position on the agenda of industry leaders of the region — the Gala dinner at the Blackheads House hosted almost 200 participants from 19 countries.

The annual Riga Shipping Dinner event is organised and curated by Marine Services Group — a group of companies that insures maritime risks, sells and purchases ships, as well as specializes in maritime laws. The general sponsor of event was Alandia Marine — the unit of the Alandia Insurance group of companies that handles marine insurances, the core business of the group.

The events started with a specialised conference, where most current industry topics were devoted to the transit business, chartering, shipsale, freight market and ship insurance issues.

Gala dinner at House of the Blackheads with the special menu selected for our guests by Raimonds Zommers — chef of restaurant Entresol continued the evening. During the evening an entertainment program was provided — cigar terrace, lottery, and a show with cabaret programme and singer Sintija Gegere.

Riga Shipping Dinner becomes an attractive shipping business communication platform and a premier opportunity to meet shipowners and top-level executives all at once in Riga, the informal communication with colleagues, making new business contacts and just to relax in the welcoming atmosphere made up by good music, elegant interior and tasty food.

On behalf of Marine Services Group we thank our guest for taking part at the third annual Riga Shipping Dinner. We truly hope that information you obtained at the Conference will be valuable in your work and Gala dinner informal communication helped to develop new business contacts.

We hope to see you again, next year, at the event where the shipping industry meets — Riga Shipping Dinner 2019!

Photos from the event available on Marine Services Group Facebook account.

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