Marine Service Group Brand Is The Winner – The Best Trademark Of The Year

May 12, 2016

On 26 April 2016 in Riga, Marine Services Group brand was awarded as the best trademark of the year 2015 in Latvia in the annually organized competition “Trademark of the year’’ by the Latvian Patent Office and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
83 registered trademarks registered in Latvia in 2015 competed in two nominations – “The trademark – to the world” and “The trademark – to the Latvia”. In this highly competitive trademark completion, our logotype Marine Services Group won the first place in the category with the world meaning, what means that we are an international organization, which brings and promotes Latvian identity also outside the Latvian borders.
The winners were determined by the open public voting in the web portal of the organizer together with the profession jury committee.
In respect to our trademark, we have a meaningful story behind the visuals of the logo, the history of our logo symbol – the blue waves encounter a history of more than 12 years and was created in Latvia, while the rebranding was prepared by the well know London-based design studios in 2015. The rebranding was needed after a formal merger of the 4 group companies when the Marine Insurance Services, Marine Legal Services, Marine Shipsale Services and Inter Survey came under one brand and meaning with the single visual expression and today known as the logo of Marine Services Group.

We are proud and honored by receiving this significant and important award, and thank everyone who supported us!

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