The 4Th Annual Tournament: Marine Services Beach Volley Cup’ 17

May 15, 2017

We are happy to announce that the 4th annual Marine Services Group Beach Volleyball Cup’17 will start on 7 June!
Marine Services Beach Volleyball Cup is annually organized and sponsored by Marine Services Group sporting activity in Riga, where the shipping, logistic, forwarding and other related industry companies participate in a beach volleyball tournament, with a purpose to maintain business relations and communication within the industry in a healthful atmosphere.
Formally, each team will consist of 3 players, the main condition is that all players are employees of the represented company. The tournament will consist of 5 rounds and any team will have the opportunity to improve their skills during the season to play in the premier league for the main trophy in the final.
This year 20 corporate teams will compete all summer long with an aim to win the main tournament trophy.
Participants in 2017: Rigas Centralais terminls, Atlas Logistics, Ursus Forwarding, ABLV Bank, Systems Logistics, Elko, Mooncom, Jaunzeltini, Riga Football Club, Astramar, Euroimpex, ArfiLine, Marine Services Group, GGP, FTL Logistics, Sonora, Alpha Shipping, Estma, Rigas Tirdzniecibas osta, KL Shipping.

All updates available on our corporate Facebook account.
A throwback video to the last year tournament is available HERE!

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