Upcoming Seminars 2016 In Odessa

February 25, 2016

The 2015 was the first year we introduced the mini seminar sessions for the Ukrainian market clients and other interested industry professionals. Starting from September, once per month, we presented a tailor made presentations for the ports, terminals, expeditors, cargo and shipping industry companies in Odessa.

The following topics were covered during the seminars in 2015:
– Why does the broker, not the insurance company or its agent.
– The liability of the logistic companies – myths and realities.
– Liability insurance of the logistic companies.
The 4th seminar in 2015 was held on December 9, where we reviewed all topics in case study format. After we devoted our usual coffee time to taste traditional Latvian Christmas snacks.
Based on positive feedback from our attendees, we assert that the conducted seminars and topics are pending matter for the most of the seminar visitors.
In addition, the constant increase in the number of participants in the seminars confirms our intention to continue our Odessa seminar sessions also in 2016.

You are welcome to participate in the upcoming 3 workshop sessions on cargo insurance in Odessa:
– The standard risks covered and the specific insurance coverage – February 3, 2016.
– Exceptions and possibilities of expanding the insurance coverage – a workshop to be held in March 2016.
– The procedure and nuances in the insurance contract – a workshop to be held in April 2016.

An opportunity to apply for the individual company seminars, where Marine Services Group experts would present predefined topics exclusively for your company needs is also now a possibility for you.
For the upcoming dates of the seminars stay informed by following our company profile on Facebook and in the News section of our website.

We thank everyone for joining us and invite you to express the interest on other topics related to the marine, transport and aviation business, which you would like us to cover during the year 2016. Your queries and suggestions are accepted in any form.

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