Air cargo insurance is a type of policy that protects a buyer or seller of goods being transported through the air. It reimburses the insured for items that are damaged, destroyed or lost.

Air cargo insurance premiums typically are calculated based on the value of the insured items, whether they are hazardous, where they are being transported and the route that they’ll take to their destination. A close cousin of air cargo insurance is marine cargo insurance, which protects goods that are transported over water.

Most air-freight companies provide a minimum amount of insurance for all freight, which is called carrier liability. This coverage is typically scant, however, and also may have many exclusions; it may not cover flooding, earthquakes or other natural disasters, for example. As a result, many air-cargo customers require additional insurance to guard against breakage, theft, lost merchandise, and in some cases, the cargo not arriving in time, resulting in a consequential loss.

We can offer you any possible way of aircargo insurance from single shipment policy to highly complex open contract covering all cargo in all destinations during certain period of time. Despite the fact that the book of cargo insurance conditions is as thick as Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings” there are two basic principles of how to insure your cargo, namely:

  • Against all risks — meaning that you will be compensated for any damage to your cargo, unless damage was caused by peril specially listed in “exclusions” section of your policy wording. Furthermore, insurer will have to prove it.
  • Against named risks (or perils) — meaning that you will be compensated for damage to your cargo only if such damage was caused by a risk listed in your policy wording. And, you got it right, you will have to prove it.

You may know that we are not only always trying to understand our clients’ logistics details and work out best possible insurance solution, but also ensure that your claims (touch wood that these would never happen) are handled in a professional way.

And, of course, we will never forget our freight forwarding friends, who can enjoy our internet based cargo insurance declaration system, which allows them to provide additional cargo insurance service for their customers 24/7.

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