Every airport or terminal protection program is different, but there are certain classes of cover included in each policy, as follows:

  • Third party liability, which is protecting airport operators against claims of any third party for bodily injury, loss of life or damage to such third party property. It is important that this cover is not only applicable for direct losses, but also to cover consequential financial loss. It is very important as any physical damage to serviced aircraft will most probably result in demurrage claim against the terminal.
  • Liability for cargo is the basis of any cover as it involves straight forward liability of any operational airport or terminal. Insurance solutions are based on back-to-back liability principle when underwriters would accept the same amount of liability as their client does based on their contracts with customers, subject such contracts were seen and approved by underwriters. In addition, underwriters will cover costs to defend unjustified claims.
  • Liability for financial loss suffered by customers of the airport caused by errors, omissions, or negligence in performing services of the airport is also important part of cover. It is essential that such cover would be available worldwide and would include additional costs, such as additional freight for misdirected cargo.


In addition to airports and terminals liability products our specialists will be happy to arrange cover for:

  • Handling, loading and rolling equipment against all risks, including machinery breakdown;
  • Fines and duty;
  • Airport blockage, including business interruption (“wet BI”);
  • Demurrage resulted from equipment breakdown;
  • Many other tailor-made solutions.

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