Debtor insurance

Trade credit insurance will protect your company from possible financial losses in case your business partner becomes a debtor that disregards the fixed payment schedule. Insolvency of a partner or long-term non-payment of bills is considered an insured event.


To whom is credit risk insurance relevant?

For trading companies, incl. providers of goods and services who sell goods / provide services on post-paid terms. Trade credit insurance allows you to make secure transactions with current partners and safely start cooperation with new ones, because you have a security guarantee about how the bills will be paid or covered by the insurer.

It is possible to insure all or part of the debtor portfolio. In the case of an insured event, losses incurred as a result of the default of your customers will be compensated.


Our insurance brokers will give you a full-fledged market overview and help you to choose the most appropriate insurance solution individually tailored to your needs, as well as, if necessary, will represent your interests in communication with the insurance company in case of claim.

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