Motor hull insurance (CASCO) is a voluntary insurance. It covers the motor vehicle against various risks such as: losses resulting from damages to your vehicle (also in the case, when you are the one at fault in a road traffic accident), fire, natural disasters, theft of the motor vehicle or the equipment installed therein etc.

When participating in the traffic and even just simply being owned, the vehicle can receive various kinds of damage, and often their occurrence does not even depend on the user of the vehicle. CASCO insurance will protect you from unexpected expenses and problems that occur if the vehicle is damaged or completely lost in an accident.


Basic risks included in the insurance coverage:

  • Traffic accident;
  • Treft, burglary, vandalism;
  • Losses caused by fire and explosion;
  • Losses caused by natural disasters;
  • Damages caused by animals and birds.


Additional coverage:

  • 24-hour car assistance;
  • Free-of-charge replacement car;
  • Repair or replacement of glazing without self-risk;
  • Restoration of keys after their theft;
  • Cleaning the fuel system after incorrect refueling;
  • Renewal of the number plate after its loss or theft;
  • Damage or theft of personal belongings;
  • Damage to the vehicle while on the ferry;
  • Elimination of defects made in the service and car wash;
  • Repairs at the car dealer after the end of the warranty period;
  • Driver and passengers’ accident insurance;
  • Others.


Worth noting:

  • Evaluate all the risks included in the offer, and, if some of them are not relevant to you, we recommend to remove them from the agreement, because then the policy price will be lower;
  • Different amounts of deductibles are applied to different types of losses and their amount affects the price of the policy. We recommend to consider – take an agreement with or without self-risks.
  • Territory of a CASCO insurance policy can be determined as necessary.
  • It is possible to issue CASCO policy that does not impose restrictions on the driver’s age and driving experience.
  • The insurance premium can be paid in one payment or in installments.
  • The price of a CASCO policy is influenced by your driving history.
  • The policy can be completed online, after which it will be necessary to submit photos of the vehicle.


Each insurance company evaluates the conditions of indemnity differently and calculates the cost of various accidents, so in order to save your time and nerves, we will prepare a comparison with several offers and recommend the most appropriate insurer who professionally and quickly indemnifies.
Choosing us as your brokers gives you another important advantage – if an insured event occurs, we are always on the client’s side and usually loss adjustment is easier and faster.


Special offer to the road hauliers:

We recommend cooperation with our brokers in order to obtain the CASCO policies for long-haulers (truck fleet), as broker may negotiate non-standard terms with insurance companies (wider coverage area, direct deductions tailored to the specifics of your company, special agreements on choosing repair companies, simpler requirements for security systems, other additional services included in the policy).

We will prepare customer-tailored offers for truck fleet or car fleet owners, taking into account the specifics of the business and other specifics important to the company.

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