Our company has close relationships with many shipbuilding yards across Baltic Sea region, Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries, as well direct contacts with list of naval architects. This allows us quickly and qualitatively to secure the best suitable partners to our clients in shipbuilding and ship design.

We will be happy to assist You in:

  • Agreeing the specification of the required vessel and its design;
  • In choosing the shipbuilding facility and preparation of documentation for tender;
  • Negotiations of terms of shipbuilding contracts;
  • Inspection of the shipbuilding facility, supervising of the ship building, trials and start of the ship operation;
  • Resale of the ships in construction and search of the interested buyers;
  • Transportation of the ships till registration port (including trans ocean shipment of tugs and hulls in construction);
  • Registration of the newbuilt vessel.

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