We normally advise our clients to check the opponent’s financial status before taking final decision as to initialing litigation or arbitration. If the opponent is not a shell company but there is a suspicion that the latter will take advantage of lengthy procedures by means of getting rid of his property before a final judgment/award is given, interim measures should be requested and imposed.



When someone not out of shipping industry hears “ship arrest”, he thinks of armed men taking control over a ship. When someone out of shipping industry hears “ship arrest”, he thinks of lawyer drafting and filing petition for a ship arrest, which is the most recognized interim measure in the industry.

We practice both arresting ships and lifting ship arrests, and we can assist our clients not exclusively in Latvia, but also abroad.
With assistance of ship arrest community our clients can appreciate the utmost best practice of ship arrest and release in various jurisdictions and are guided through certain procedures, paperwork and time bars under various national law systems related to ship arrest.

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