As brokers, we assist our customers with:

  • Finding a required tonnage on the world shipping market and locating of appropriate candidates within customers’ required guidelines;
  • Search of reliable and professional Buyers for the existing ships, offered for sale;
  • Negotiation and supervising the deals (from first interest till ship’s delivery to Buyers);
  • Inspection of the chosen tonnage;
  • Providing our clients with correct and full information about condition of the market, ship prices, offers and possibilities;
  • Valuation of the their ships;
  • Share our expert knowledge about ship sale and purchase, as well commercial, technical and legal questions of the shipping business.


The role of a shipbroker is to find compromise decision, which would be profitable to each party.

Our remunerations are the standard 1.00 pct of the price of the Vessel sold, however, in some cases the amount can be agreed between parties beforehand and fixed. The commission is paid usually by Sellers only after Vessel is delivered from Sellers to Buyers and purchase price received.

The payment is done on basis “no cure – no pay”, thus we always are interested the parties to find the compromise in the deal between each other, and supervise the whole process of delivery from Sellers to Buyers.

In order to provide professional and quality service, we on daily basis making the market research, updating and upkeeping the database of Vessels for sale, receive the data about huge amount of the ship prices and ship sale deals all around the world; daily contacting with a lot off shipowners, potential buyers, chartering brokers, bankers, investment funds, surveyors and other brokers etc.

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