Aviation Insurance: Almost Eur 2 000 000 To Repair Business Aircraft After Damage

December 17, 2019

Specialized marine and aviation insurance broker “Marine Insurance Services” helped the client reimburse almost EUR 2 mln from insurance company to repair an aircraft after the serious damage.

After a business aircraft sustained extensive damage due to the high winds whilst parked at the airport, Marine Insurance Services organized the claim management and coordinated the process together with the client to recover the aircraft. The claim management included such complex phases as organizing construction of a temporary hangar on the site of the accident for the initial recovery and securing the aircraft to avoid further damage, as well as the aircraft transportation on vessel to the facilities of repair organization to complete the repair.

Thanks to a fantastic work of all involved sides: aircraft management, technicians, insurer and their appointed surveyors, after 1.5 year of an active work the aircraft has been now successfully returned to the owners.

We believe that the insurer broker can only be assessed when there is a claim under the policy. Our duty is to help our clients in unexpected and difficult situations they may face. Our claims handler’s swift and cooperative work together with the clients always makes it possible to settle claims in the most efficient way.

Aviation accidents tend to have very serious consequences for the airplane.
For any repair it needs a costly, trained and examined professional to put pieces back together. All that comes with a price tag you don’t want to imagine without being properly insured. Some insurers might for example limit compensations to different parts of craft in various ways. It is therefore a good idea to have us – Marine Insurance Services to see that you get a hassle-free policy with state-of-the-art pricing and other qualities.

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