Our Team Is Our Most Valuable Asset

December 20, 2019

New Year’s Eve is the time when it is customary to look into outgoing year, to bring together assets and liabilities, and to make plans for the future. We think many will agree that this year passed in the same breath. This is because time flies very quickly for those who work hard and with joy. The outgoing year was a year of productive work for all of us – each of our employees made an invaluable contribution to the common goal, working with enthusiasm and responsibility for the overall result. Indeed, the TEAM is our most valuable asset.

We would like to share with you some of our achievements in 2019:
– This August Marine Services Group celebrated its 15th anniversary. 15 years of valuable experience and high-quality service;
– www.marineservices.lv portal began to offer customers an online service for cargo insurance declaration (e-services section);
– It is possible to obtain Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Policy (MTPL) on our portal www.epolise24.lv quickly and easily. It is equipped with a calculator from leading insurance companies in Latvia;
– In 2019 Riga Shipping Dinner brought together 250 participants, of which 90 were shipowners (about 80% of the largest shipowners from the Baltic, North and Black Sea regions);
– Marine Shipsale Services expanded its operating regions and opened offices in St. Petersburg and Larnaca;
– In November 2019, Marine Insurance Services handled so far the largest claim in aviation insurance resulted in settlement of almost 2 million euros;
– MSG team earned the 2nd place in the beach volleyball tournament we are organizing (among 20 teams);
– Our sponsored football club Riga FC became champions of the Latvian Premier League for the second time in a row.
– And many, many other things …

We are also big coffee lovers. Our coffee machines work at full capacity: during workdays and meetings at the office during this year, 12,000 cups of coffee (120 kg) were drunk. We are cheerful and energized!

Of course, in the new year we will have to implement many new interesting and important projects.

We wish you that the coming year will become a year of conquering new peaks, your life is happy, work – beloved and mood – wonderful!

Sincerely yours,
Marine Services Group Team

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