The best thing about cargo is that nearly everything you see around you used to or will be cargo in the eyes or marine insurer. In fact it is very difficult to define cargo as it is basically anything, which is loaded into any mean of transport and is accordingly transported from one place to the another. Funny enough, but marine underwriters decided that goods on storage and even during exhibitions are not property, but indeed cargo.

When it comes to us, we can offer any possible way of cargo insurance from single shipment policy to highly complex open contract covering all cargo in all destinations during certain period of time. Despite the fact that the book of cargo insurance conditions is as thick as Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings” there are two basic principles of how to insure your cargo, namely:

  • Against all risks — meaning that you will be compensated for any damage to your cargo, unless damage was caused by peril specially listed in “exclusions” section of your policy wording. Furthermore insurer will have to prove it.
  • Against named risks (or perils) — meaning that you will be compensated for damage to your cargo only if such damage was cause by a risk listed in your policy wording. And, you got it right, you will have to prove it.

You may know that we are not only always trying to understand our clients’ logistics details and work out best possible insurance solution, but also ensure that your claims (touch wood that these would never happen) are handled in a professional way. We have network of experts, lawyers and surveyors all over the world and they are at client’s disposal at all major ports and cities and they are available 24 hours a day.

And, of course, we will never forget our freight forwarding friends, who can enjoy our e-services for cargo declaration and insurance, which allows them to provide additional cargo insurance service for their customers.

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