New insurance product “MSG Crew Safety”

November 16, 2020

Long-awaited insurance product for shipowners, ship managers and crewing agencies

We are glad to announce launching a new product from the MSG PRO series — “MSG CREW SAFETY” (insurance of medical expenses in the amount of the deductible in the shipowner’s liability insurance policy (P&I)).

As it is well known, shipowners’ liability (P&I) insurance protects the shipowner’s interests against possible claims from third parties and crew members in case of illness, death or injury during their employment. However, such policy will always subject to deductible, which usually is decently high and not cover general medical expenses, which should be paid by ship owners directly.

Reducing P&I deductible will significantly increase insurance premium. “MSG CREW SAFETY” is ideal insurance solution for the shipowner, which will cover each crew member in case of illness or injury up to the P&I policy deductible at a very reasonable insurance premium.

With this insurance policy ship owners avoid unforeseen costs related to treatment of illnesses and injuries of the crew members, which do not exceed the deductible under their P&I policy and there are no emergency costs that can compose a very impressive amount.

This insurance covers the following costs up to the level of P&I policy deductible: Medical expenses; Costs of repatriation in case of illness or death; Dentistry.

Premium is calculated for each crew member based on the level of P&I deductible and the total number of crew.

Geographical scope of cover — worldwide (except country of permanent residence of the crew member).


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