Survey Services Case Study – Cargo Damage

October 29, 2015
A vessel was carrying a cargo of fresh melons in the carrier’s reefer trailer by road from Spain to Latvia.
The problem:
By the time carrier arrived to designated place for the discharging the consignee disclosed that the cargo is not in an appropriate condition, fruits was warm and soft, the temperature inside the truck was highly exceeding admissible. Cargo consignee refused to accept the cargo and issued cargo rejection statement to the carrier.
Action taken:
We were advised on the incident. Immediately, we liaised with the claimant, supported the carrier with the advice and consultation, and proposed possible solution for the minimization of the loss.
As we do have our own in-house 24/7 Claims management department and Survey services, it took about an hour after we received a call from a client to operatively assess the cargo condition and investigation on the cargo damage cause.
Simultaneously we arranged the short-term cooling warehouse where cargo could be stored from carrier’s trailer and kept for short-term storage.
Consequently, our Survey procedure followed: 1) we interviewed the driver; 2) we assessed the trailer’s reefer temperature records; 3) we investigated the voyage duration; 4) we reviewed a cargo loading conditions and precooling actions at shipment point.
Our surveyor collected samples and arranged an independent laboratory testing for the fruits, whether they could be used for food production and consumption.
Reefer was also directed to inspection, to identify direct cause of such temperature mismatches.
We contacted possible damaged cargo buyers.
• our survey results verified that the fresh melons was carried in inappropriate temperature, which was exceeding permissible as per certain CMR and specified standards of melon’s carriage;
• laboratory analysis provided official statement with the approval that the melon’s condition is permissible to be used for the foodstuff with reduced quality level. Salvage buyer purchased whole cargo for juice production;
• workshop proved that the reefer plant computer settings was the cause of cargo damage, as it incorrectly previewed cargo cooling temperature;
• we reduced the client’s loss value to minimum.
Our advice:
• Always conduct an independent pre-loading survey.
• Conduct independent tally of cargo loaded.
• Temperature and moisture tests on the reefer plant and cargo must be performed.
• Visual quality inspection of the cargo can help to eliminate the loading of all damaged.
• Contact the your insurer immediately.
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